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Puppy Sales Agreement







An Agreement between Bob Makla (Show Me Boykins) (Breeder) and the Buyer: 



Breeder agrees to sell to Buyer, a Boykin Spaniel, referred to as ‘Puppy’, for $2500.00. A deposit of a refundable $1000.00 has been received to reserve puppy leaving a balance of $1,000.00.  We accept checks, cashier checks or cash as forms of payment.

Breeder warrants that the Puppy is a healthy, sound, quality Puppy that is current on all vaccinations. Breeder has provided this puppy with the best possible health care, grooming, and socialization, so it is off to a great start as a hunting companion and family pet. Puppy will also come with documented health certifications of sire and dam of litter per Boykin Spaniels Society requirements.

 If, for whatever reason, within the first 12 months of age, the Buyer cannot or does not wish to maintain custody of this puppy/dog, the buyer will contact the Breeder and the Puppy/dog will be returned to Breeder with all paperwork and ownership is transferred back to Breeder. Original purchase price will be returned but Buyer is responsible for cost of return. We do this so we know the homes where our Boykin pups are homed.  Under no circumstances will the puppy be placed in a shelter. If the dog is found in a shelter, Humane Society, rescue program or the like, the Buyer agrees that all rights of ownership reverts to the Breeder and thereby Breeder becomes the legal owner of the dog with all rights reserved and entitled to. Buyer agrees to never sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of the dog other than returning it directly to the Breeder. The Buyer will sign over the dog’s registration at the time of its return. Within the first 12 months, if healthy puppy is returned for any reason, Breeder will return original purchase price to Buyer with no questions asked. (Dog must be intact)


Responsibilities of the Buyer

The Buyer agrees to provide the highest quality of care for said Puppy, including quality food, water, shelter from heat or cold; active companionship, appropriate exercise, socialization and professional veterinary care whenever necessary.  Appropriate professional veterinary care includes, but is not limited to, annual exams, regular parasite checks and worming if necessary, vaccinations as recommended by local protocol, and regular heart worm preventative. Please keep documentation of all veterinary related care and medications/vaccinations.


 This puppy is registered with a Limited Privilege, which will prohibit breeding and registering offspring until lifted by the breeder in writing to the BSS. This is to ensure that only health certified Boykins from us are bred and allows us to analyze health of Boykins from our kennel and helps the Boykin Spaniel Society to analyze improvements in the gene pool of the Boykin Spaniels.

Buyer may additionally register Puppy with the United Kennel Club and/or the American Kennel Club if they so choose but agrees to not make any attempt to breed Puppy and register litters with either of those registries so long as the Boykin Spaniel Society LP registration remains in place.




This Puppy is sold as a Hunting Dog with a Limited Privilege (LP), which will prohibit breeding and registering offspring should you breed dog prior to conducting Health Test. Limited Privilege will be lifted when/if the requirements listed below have been met: It is the responsibility of the Puppy/dog owner (Buyer) to provide Breeder with request and documentation of health certifications. (If you breed Boykin prior to removing the LP of your Boykin, the Boykin Spaniel Society will not approve litter registration.) We also maintain the right not to lift LP should we determine that owner intends to breed dog in a reckless way or care of the dog is substandard.


Requirements for removing LP of Boykin:

1. Puppy has received a passing OFA Hip, Heart evaluation, Patella and CAER eye certification, AND is at least 24 months old. All tests can be conducted after 12 months of age except OFA Hip Evaluation, for which your Boykin must be at least 24 months of age to qualify.

2. As noted most litters are clear for the following three diseases due to both parents being clear for DNA tests as set by the Boykin Spaniel Society (BSS) “Inherited Disease Checklist for the Boykin Breed” recommended testing presently consisting of: 

· Exercise Induce Collapse (EIC) 

· Collie Eye Abnormality (CEA) 

· Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Breeder recommends confirmation of genetic test by health testing certified labs or animal hospital labs

Please note that the BSS may add additional requirements to this list. Buyer agrees to perform the recommended BSS testing current at the time of breeding.

Should the Breeder be found to be unable to remove the LP due to medical disability or death, only the below-named Breeder's Agent for breeding purposes may request that the Boykin Spaniel Society remove the LP registration limitation.


Breeder’s Agent – Ben Makla, Charlotte, N.C. or 404-804-5801



Buyer agrees that this Puppy (female dog, or Bitch) will not be surgically or otherwise rendered incapable of reproduction, unless medically necessary to safeguard her immediate health, prior to the following:

  • Breeder and/or his Agent are satisfied that earnest attempts have been made to obtain the OFA health certifications listed as conditions for LP removal, and that those certifications are unlikely to be obtainable; or

  • The  Puppy (female dog, or Bitch) successfully whelped two healthy litters of offspring with the breeding stud (or studs) approved by the Agent.  Agent stipulates that there will be no authorized repeat breedings in any 10 month period unless the immediately-prior breeding failed to produce a healthy whelp and litter. 

  • The Puppy (male dog, or Stud) has reached age of maturity of 18 months.

  • Final recommendation by your Veterinary doctors for health of your dog will be considered.

Health Guarantee 

Show Me Boykins goes to great lengths to produce healthy and sound puppies. This puppy is warranted to be currently free from any serious disease or congenital defect. Buyer agrees to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 21 days of the original transfer. If a licensed veterinarian finds a serious health problem with the puppy, Buyer may rescind this contract if he/she notifies the Breeder within 5 days after the evaluation is complete. If the Buyer elects to rescind the contract because of a health problem, upon Buyer’s surrender of the puppy and the puppy’s properly executed registration papers to the Breeder, then Buyer will receive a full refund of the purchase price. If the Buyer chooses to have any veterinary treatment performed before the dog is returned, the Breeder is not responsible for the cost and only the purchase price of the dog will be returned. 

There are no other guarantees or warranties implied or intended unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both Show Me Boykins and the buyer. 

The above warranties are not transferable to a new owner. Any puppy that is returned to the breeder for any reason will be done so at the owner’s expense.



Whelped – 

Shots: Parvo/Distemper shot – 

Dewormed (Strongid/Panacur) – at 4 weeks, and again at 6, and 8 weeks, last worming on ______________

Start pup on heart worm preventative per Veterinary recommendation 

Rabies – at 20 weeks if allowed – Do NOT give vaccination and Rabies on the same day


Puppy Sex 



BSR #: 




BSR #: 

Buyer: ___________________________________________Date: ___/___/ 2022

                               (Buyer’s Name) 

Seller: ____________________________________________ Date: ___/___/ 2022

                               (Bob Makla)


3855 Durfee Lane

Sherrills Ford

 NC 28673 




Stud Agreement

By signing below, both owners of STUD DOG and FEMALE agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement for the breeding of: 

STUD DOG: _____________________DOB:___________BSR# ________AKC# ___________UKC# ____________

OFA Hips ___________________Cardiac ________________CAER____________ Patella _____________________

Elbows ________________EIC_______________CEA__________________ DM__________________


FEMALE: ______________________DOB:____________ BSR#________AKC# ___________UKC# ____________

OFA Hips__________________ Cardiac __________________CAER____________ Patella ___________________

Elbows __________________EIC ______________ CEA ______________________DM _____________________

CDDY ____________ 

Both parties agree to furnish NEGATIVE Brucellosis test results within three weeks prior to mating. The stud fee is set at $2,000.00 or the cost of a puppy, whichever is greater, unless the stud owner opts for a puppy in lieu of payment. If such is the case, said puppy will be given Full registration (NO LP), and the use of FEMALE’S kennel name will not be required. If monetary fee is accepted, payment will be made as soon as live litter is confirmed, and all registration papers will be signed by STUD owner upon receipt of payment. Stud service will be performed at such time as Progesterone levels suggest, or FEMALE is in standing heat. Every attempt will be made for a repeat tie within 48 hours. If no litter results, then a repeat breeding will be offered at the FEMALE’S next heat for the same fee. A litter is defined by three live puppies at three weeks. FEMALE owner will provide STUD owner with a copy of a Litter Record detailing names and addresses of all new puppy owners for their records. 

STUD owner signature: ___________________________________Date: ___________ Address: ______________________________________________Phone: __________ 

FEMALE owner signature: _________________________________ Date: __________ Address: ______________________________________________Phone: __________ 

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