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                                                               Home Selection Process

Show Me Boykins does not keep a formal waiting list but we collect potential homes through a group text list.  We ask that you send us a text at 704-564-9792 with contact information, any additional information about your plans for your puppy and any referral contacts that may have sent you our way. Once pups are born and on about day 7-10 after whelping, we send out a group text and questionnaire to allow us to make sure we have a potential fit.  We will attempt to select homes that fit and request a $1000 refundable deposit regardless of reason should either breeder or owner have a change of heart.  On occasional, we will have a pre-selected home usually based on prior ownership of a Show Me Boykin but most go to homes based on first to commit. We have gone through the waiting list process with other breeders in the past and choose to have a more open process that we feel allows us to select the best home for our pups regardless if we communicated with you years ago or a day ago.  We typically have a very large group text but many want to know about potential litters but they also want to make sure timing and breeding is what that want so we want timing and breeding to match new home.  We will keep you on our text list until we are notified that you have located a pup or have had a change of heart.  Our pups as of 2023 are $2500 and we request a $1000 refundable deposit at time of commitment.  We do not take deposits prior to group text being sent out.


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